At last, real innovation.

Have you ever stopped to think how the traditional financial system complicates everything?

Having multiple credit cards, bank accounts and rewards programs, paying dearly for it, while none of these things really work together.

CAPZ will solve all these problems. An innovative rewards token connected to a complete financial platform. Yes, we want to improve your finances by creating a system where everyone wins.

Rewards token

Buy and sell your CAPZ in our app and use them across our network of partners in exchange for products and services. An easy and free way to make your money worth more. Besides, your points never expire!

Digital Account

All funds transferred to your digital account will be invested in Brazilian government bonds, with 100% CDI returns (i.e. 6.5%/year).

Digital Credit Card

After opening your digital account, you will have access to your digital credit card with a credit limit that corresponds to the amount you've invested. Your funds will continuously yield even as you use your digital credit card.


All transactions carried out by you or a referred friend will generate cashback and token rewards. This means you can get more than 20% back of what you spend over the year by using our app.

Community of Financial Services

Gain more from your network with CAPZ. Get cashback from your referred friend's transactions using your digital or physical credit card or QR code. You can even split bills with your friends using our app.


We work hard to make your money worth more. That is why all transactions in CAPZ are charge-free. Additionally, when you use your digital credit card you get 0.99% cashback for every transaction and a piece of the cashback generated by your referred friend's transactions.

Transfer money to your digital account to have access to your digital credit card. Make payments and transfer CAPZ via chat or QR code.


We will create a rewards program and financial network where everyone wins…

…by connecting, simplifying and improving people’s financial lives. We are talking about an entirely new financial ecosystem at your disposal.

Invest your money in Brazilian government bonds: get access to your digital credit card and use it while your money continues to yield; use our app to split bills with friends; get cashback for each of these transactions; and on top of all that, with your rewards token you improve your finances at all times.

And it gets better, your transactions are free and your CAPZ never expire!

How does it all work?

We will create a brand new network of loyalty points and payments where everyone wins. Invest your money in low risk Brazilian government bonds and get cashback of what you spend with your digital credit card throughout the year back to you in addition to points that can be exchanged for products and services across our network of partners; go shopping with your digital credit card while your money continuously yields; use our app to split bills with friends; get cashback in CAPZ for every transaction you or a referred friend makes. It’s a new way to improve your finances.

Sell and buy your points among other members of our community and use them to purchase products and services in our network of partners free of charge. And don’t worry, your points never expire!

As simple as investing in your traditional savings account only but much better and easy to use.

Brazilian treasury bonds (6.5% per year)

+ 0.99% cashback from purchases made with your digital credit card.

+ points that you can sell or exchange for products and services.

= around 20% gains over the year using our app.

Initial charge:
$ 1,000.00
Average monthly sum spent:
$ 1,000.00
Period of:
12 months
Possible earnings using our app:
$ 220.00*
*Estimated values. Be sure to read the Whitepaper carefully, especially the sections "Important Notices" and "Risks and Uncertainties"

Get cashback with every transaction you make with your digital credit card or from friends you referred.

we charge only
per transaction from the merchant

the 0.99% we charge per transaction for the ZenCAP digital credit card is fully reverted to you and your network of friends.

Join us

The economic impact is almost 2.2% a month when using your points. With ZenCAP your money is worth more.


Manage your personal or your business’s account.

You can easily access different profiles and still have access to:

Cashback with every transaction made with ZenCAP; your money will continue to yield even as you make charge-free payments with your digital credit card via chat or QR code in a secure and easy-to-use network. It’s a new way to make your money worth more. You can even split your bills with friends or other businesses. Get more value from your network with the cashback referral system.

Easily swap profiles

Cashback in both cash and CAPZ; Your money continues to yield even as you go shopping; Digital Credit Card with cashback and no annual fees; Make payments in a simple and secure way via QR Code; Split your bills and make payments with friends or other businesses; You get more points the more referrals you make!

We have the lowest rate in the market; loyalty points that consistently bring your customers back; You get paid in CAPZ, the transaction is free of cost and done instantly; Have access to services inside the app and pay with ZenCAP; make investments and have control over your finances for free!

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Loyalty & Bank as a Service

ZenCAP will allow individuals and businesses to make and receive digital payments through a digital wallet app and loyalty points program in a whitelabel format. ZenCAP will offer a rewards program; fraud prevention and all the banking infrastructure necessary via APIs. All done in a simple, effective and secure manner allowing your company to have its own token rewards program and offer banking services to its clients in a efficient, transparent and secure way.

ZenCAP Development Roadmap

  • May - August 2019
  • August 2019 - December 2019
    Product and network development
  • 1st half of 2020
  • 2st half of 2020
    Growth Brasil + Physical Card + Partnerships
  • 2021
    Expansion LATAM
  • 2023
    Expansion US + Exchange
  • 2024

ZenCAP is part of ZenGroup

One of the largest Fintechs in Latin America, invested by Global Founders Capital, one of the largest VCs in the world, having already invested in companies such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Revolut; with established partnerships with major technology companies such as Uber, iFood, Dafiti and many others. In 2019 alone ZenGroup will process more than 1Bi with its Fintech as a Service business model.


ZenCAP was born with the purpose to revolutionize the financial market and the way people use rewards programs. We work with cutting-edge technology to generate more value for people and their network.

We chose Brazil as a starting point not only because it is a country with more than 200MM people but also for its highly connected population (there are more smartphones than people in Brazil!). At the same time the country has the largest banking spread in the world with more than 60MM people outside the banking system. In other words, Brazil is one of the countries with the worst financial services available despite its strong economy being one of the 10 largest in the world. All of this makes it the ideal place to start our revolution and give Brazilians a experience with their loyalty programs and banking.

The ZenCAP Team is comprised of seasoned entrepreneurs.

Our first enterprise - now Brazil’s #1 p2p lending fintech - was sold to PagSeguro on the verge of its 2.7Bi NYSE IPO.

We have a team of professionals with extensive market experience, who share the vision of creating a new model of token rewards and financial services to connect, simplify and improve people's lives.

Jorge Vargas Neto
Founder & CEO ZenCAP
Founder & CEO Biva Co founder & board member Brazilian Online Lenders Association CBE Banking Columbia University LLM Banking & Capital Markets Insper
Marcelo Nomoto
Co-founder & CIO ZenCAP
CTO Biva Senior Dev Nubank Master in Econmy by FGV Rio
Marcelo Ikegawa
Chief Credit Officer ZenCAP
15 years Credit Manager in Itaú Group (latam lasgerst bank) Master in Telecomunications Engeenering
Gabriel Bicalho
Chief Legal & Compliance Officer ZenCAP
Partner Chenut Olivera Santiago LLM Banking & Capital Markets Insper
Diego Souza
Tech Lead ZenCAP
+15 years Yahoo, Locaweb, IG e Xerpa
Leonardo Dias
Head of Design ZenCAP
Art Director BRF Art Director Kick Comunnication Agency
Arthur Campos
Head Marketing ZenCAP
CS Manager at Bolt Brazil; Co-founder People & Brands
Felipe Kauffmann
Operations ZenCAP
Experiences in Logistics, Private Equity and Sales. BA Insper
Thales Garitezi
Software Developer
Dev Xerpa & Ph.D. in experimental Physics by Unicamp
Guilherme Teodoro
Software Developer
Dev Xerpa, LBS Local
Livia Esquivel
Finance & Administration ZenCAP
Finance & Administration Coke Cola MBA NYT SaintPaul
Mayara Aneris
Customer Success ZenCap
Customer Success Wirecard

Our Advisors

  • Verônica Serra
    CEO Innova Capital. CEO pacific Investment. Investor Ripple. MBA Harvard
  • Bruno Balduccini
    Partner head of Banking Pinheiro Neto Advogados LLM Banking Boston University
  • Fabricio Pettena
    Partner Global Founders capital MD Rocket Internet MBA Insead
  • Guilherme Horn
    Digital Innovation partner Accentura Board Member Brazillian Fintechs Association Founder & CEO Órama CIO & CMO Ágora
  • Phillipp Povel
    Founder & CEO Dafiti (Latin america unicorn) Co-founder MyBrands CMBH

Who is with us?

  • Main Investor
    One world's leeading VCs (invested in LinkedIn, Facebook & Revolut)
  • Pinheiro Neto Advogados
    Leading Latin American law firm
  • Acceleration Program
    World leader in payment processing and technology. Zen was accelerated by Visa Start Program.

Governance x Utility Token

ZenCAP HQ is located in Brazil, the 8th largest economy in the world. A country with a strong legal system and rule of law, traditionally one of the most prominent places to do business and attract foreign investments.

Our team is prepared and always attentive to the best practices in privacy, governance, data protection (GDPR, LGPD) and security.

ZenCAP is also determined to have its financial statements made public and to be audited every year by one of the four leading companies in the world.

Why join in the the CAPZ ICO?

Be a part of the first ICO in Brazil, the main goal of the CAPZ utility token is to develop the first rewards program connected to a digital wallet. The ICO aims to sell an initial volume of CAPZ rewards tokens with specific benefits within the ZenCAP platform:

  • Buy CAPZ under favorable conditions (value below the price schedule in force after CAPZ's Initial Token Sale).
  • Become a Premium user (access to exclusive investment products, 24hs service).
  • Be part of a group with first-hand access to news related to the ICO and the project as a whole.
  • Reduced risk, considering CAPZ is a utility token within a rewards program, a common type of program in more than 180 countries.
  • Access to exclusive partnerships and deals.
  • Access to exclusive investment alternatives with higher returns and reduced administration fees.

CAPZ initial sale overview

In order to raise the necessary resources to make CAPZ a reality, ZenCap will carry out the initial token sale of CAPZ (‘’Initial Sale’’) on May 14th, 2019. The Initial Sale will permit any interested party to purchase CAPZ for a period of 90 (ninety) days from the date mentioned above.

ZenCap will utilize the ERC20 standard smart contract on the Ethereum platform and will issue CAPZ tokens in the ratio of 1ETH (Ether) to 44500 CAPZ tokens*.

On May 10th 2019, the above ratio corresponds to USD 0,003787 for each CAPZ token which in turn corresponds to R$ 0,0147**.

* Values based on the price of ETH on May 9th, 2019.

**On account of the fluctuation of the ETH value in USD and the rate of the USD, these values may vary considerably during the initial sale of CAPZ.

Smart Contract
The contract's address is 0x9f7002b797ed7170d7e5c7326781bc0dd83055b9.Check it out on EtherScan.

Download our Whitepaper and help us change the financial market!

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